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The First International Directory of Women in Science contact information, to help communication and collaboration between women in science and female students
(whether members of the RASIT Women in Science International League or not).

One of the most important outcomes of RASIT’s Women in Science International Directory lies in shedding light on the achievements and accomplishment of Women in
Science in different fields.  

Further, the Directory facilitated communication between women and female students in science around the world and collaboration, which was recorded as:
    48 postgraduate scholarships
    49 postdoctoral jobs
    38 research collaborations
    63 research support
    514 mentoring female students particularly from the developing countries (mainly from MENA Region).


Building on the 15 years’ achievements of RASIT, and through the Science Princess Global Campaign, The New Directory will list Women Experts in different field of
Making the inclusive world envisioned in the United Nations 2030 Development Agenda a reality will require the inclusion of women in science in decision-making and policy
formulation and implementation at all levels of government, private sector, diplomacy, academia and other sectors.

It is more important than ever to give the United Nations, Inter-Governmental Organizations, Governments,  Private Sector and Civil Society, the opportunities to network with
Women in Science Experts from around the world.  

The Directory further encourages women in science to reach out to the International Community and their societies, sharing their achievements and their impacts on
people's everyday lives.  Moreover, the Directory will help Women Experts in Science to network with the International Community and their society and consider their future
work plans from the perspective of Sustainable Development Programmes and the people they serve.  

The First Global Edition will be launched at the United Nations Headquarters in February 2018.

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    Expand your network .. Develop leadership skills

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