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Scientific communication and strengthening the public understanding of science in general and the role of women in science in particular should be leveraged as a cultural
instrument, not only to inform or create a context for dialogue, but also to build a higher visibility for the science achievements by women among the different actors.  
Society needs to acquire scientific knowledge and attitudes for developing their cultural heritage since science and society are intrinsically related, and to present this is
the role of the media.

Although media has succeeded in addressing many issues, the media gender stereotyping found in portrayals of women in science in particular have played a significant
negative impact on the participation of young women and girls in science.  

Considering the fundamental role entertainment media in national and international development programs, and that for Equality and Parity in Science to become a reality
in every country, the identified issues that impede the role of women in science, economy, humanitarian outreach, health, and global strategies should be addressed and
acknowledged by all forms of media.


  • RASIT-UNITAR Training Programs for Women in Science Communication skills

  • To Partner with Media Agencies to increase the presence of Women in Science experts

  • To Partner with Television Daily / Weekly Shows to host Women in Science

  • Collaborate with Media Production Companies to include Women in Science stories in Films, and Television series.

  • Collaborate with Celebrities in popularizing science and promote Women in Science as role models of young generations.

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