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So many people arguing that there is no need to be concerned about the future because humans will always have technology and innovation to get out of trouble. Although
science holds the solutions to many of present and future challenges, however, assuming that science will always be there when it is needed is incredibly risky, especially
if we cannot engage and inspire the younger generations, particularly women to pursue science.

There is no doubt whatsoever that Scientific research plays a vital role in translating knowledge into action to achieve sustainable development for generations to come.
How we can have Sustainable Development if more people particularly women leaving science and workforce.

The big fact is that the science base is as strong as the people in it.

How we will be able to attract, train and retain people, from all backgrounds, into different fields of sciences.

If we are serious about closing gap between countries, societies and communities, if we are serious about the role of science in achieving the SDGs, we should re-define
excellence in education.  

If we believe the purpose of education is to help every young person realize their potential, it cannot be right that governments to address the shortage of teachers
particularly science teachers.

Since 2000, the world has made good progress in getting tens of millions of children into school; however, there is an acute shortage of teachers, particularly science

For Example, based on a report published by the British Royal Society of Chemistry, there are shortages of specialist teachers at both secondary and primary levels; for
example, in England:
  • One third of secondary school chemistry teachers do not have a chemistry degree.
  • Only 8.3% of primary school teachers in England have a science degree.

If governments truly want to achieve sustainable development goals, then they must value teachers in general and science teachers in particular.

The Science Princess Campaign recognizes and honors Science Teachers and their role in making a difference in children’s lives. In addition, it is a necessity to ensure
that all teachers – new recruits as well as those already in classrooms – are well-trained, have access to ongoing training and equipment and are treated as professionals
– with decent pay and conditions.


  • Advocacy: to encourage women in science to choose teaching as a career

  • Thank You Campaign for Science Teacher

  • Training Programs for Science Teachers

  • Organize High-Level Panels between Policy-makers and Science Teacher to develop Science Curriculum.

  • To Partner and Network with Science Teachers Associations.

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