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The challenges facing the world’s countries – its prosperity and economy, creativity, exchange, equity, and opportunity – will be met only if we deploy social science
knowledge, skills and methods of inquiry ever more intensively. To thrive we must innovate. In innovation, we must marry progress in technology and the physical and life
sciences with insights from studying behavior, place, economy and society. To exploit the vastness of Big Data emerging from social media, the biosphere, health and
public administration, it is necessary to collaborate across the disciplines.

Advancing and applying science depends on profits, policies, markets, organizations and attitudes. These are social science themes, and this is why it is Women and
Girls in Science, thus deploying an “All the Sciences – Whole of Society” approach.

Large problems – whether called challenges or opportunities – lie ahead. The challenges of the world will demand evidence and insight from women who are social
scientists working in new ways with colleagues from the natural and life sciences, engineering, arts and humanities.

The contribution of women in all sciences to societies development and prosperity will be highly recognized through the Campaign.


  • Women in Statistics High-Level Panel to be held annually during the United Nations Statistical Commission annual meeting.

  • In close collaboration with the United Nations Statistics Division, RASIT will work to include and involve Women in Statistics Experts at different meetings and
    events organized by the Division.

  • Women in Economy and Entrepreneurship for Development High-Level Panel will be held annually during the annual United Nations ECOSOC Forum on Finance for

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