The Video Viral Venture
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People love significant milestones, anniversaries and celebrating
occasions. Every year there is a diverse menu of anniversaries to
celebrate.  Significant events of all sorts qualify for celebratory
consideration, as long as the number of years gone by is some “marker”
number, such as 25, 50, 75, 100, 125 or 150.

The contributions of women in science date back centuries, and a
recognizable notable milestone in 2017 is the 150 anniversary of the birth of
Marie Curie.  

Do we need to wait that long to recognize Women and Girls in Science

The Science Princess Campaign: A Movement recognizes and honors a
growing segment of the world's scientific leaders—women.  The Women in
Science of today are making history -- TODAY.

The Science Princess Campaign as a Movement celebrates the
achievements of women, known and unknown, remembered and forgotten,
who have forged the way for those of us in science today, and to give an
opportunity for children: girls and boys, to choose role models in science.  
“I am very proud of my country Turkey, it is one that has many women in
science who are contributing to development, whether they are doctors or
other scientists, or teachers of science or engineers. I am sure there are
women in science in every country. But no one hears about these women.
Or their contributions to the world”.    
--- Talya Ozdemir
In close collaboration with the renowned Turkish Celebrities and Film
Production companies, the video viral venture started on 5th June 2017.  
   Beren Saat             Belcim Bilgin          Selma Ergec         Saadat Isil Aksoy
       Aras Bulut Iynemli                     Mert Firat                         Songul Oden
Why to join?

The Campaign champions strongly women in all fields of science as one of
the fundamental pillars of peace, prosperity and sustainable development.

It is about the very real role that women in science played and are still
playing in developing our lives and the need to respect and encourage
women in science who gives us insight into a better world without leaving
any one behind. Viewed positively, rather, it will be women in science who
will bring everyone and the planet itself along with them into true
What is Next?

  • Celebrities from around the world will be joining their Turkish peers.

  • All Videos will be edited to create the longest Film about Women in Science
    for the World and will be presented at the United Nations in February 2018.  

  • We will continue recording and receiving Videos, to keep up writing the
    future's history - TODAY.
Who to join?

Whether old or young, man or woman, you can record a short video to
identify a Woman in Science: from Past or Present, who contributed to
society’s development.  

Women in Science are kindly asked to record a short video about their
work, achievements and its importance to development.
How to join?
Please Upload your file using the following form.
Global Campaign for Women & Girls in Science
Building a Momentum for Equality and Parity in Science