Vision and Mission
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The achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) particularly 4, 5 and 17, to ensure gender equality and
parity in science through developing partnership with the public, international community, governments, civil society, academic
institutions, media and private sector will help to realize the rights of the women and girls in science to the highest attainable standard
of education, employment and opportunity in the years to 2030 and beyond.


Providing international leadership and coordination of achieving Sustainable Development Goal 5, and to promote and improve the
situation of women and girls in science through model programmes.
Supporting members and partners to align their strategic directions and catalyze collective action to achieve full participation of women
in science in decision making and sustainable development programmes, equal employment opportunities and promotion; and for girls
to have access to comprehensive, high-quality education, with a clear consideration for the different needs of different societies and


To be an influential platform for enhancing the interaction of women in science with the public on improving the understanding of
science, working across girls’ science education, to empower women who are scientists to catalyze the innovation and creativity the
world needs for the achievement of the implementation of sustainable development.  

In essence, the partnership with the Campaign enables members to share strategies, align objectives and resources, and agree on
interventions to achieve more together than they would have been able to achieve individually.


RASIT’s Executive Board governs the Campaign.  An independent Secretariat administers the Campaign, and undertakes the day-to-
day administration of the Campaign’s work plan.
Global Campaign for Women & Girls in Science
Building a Momentum for Equality and Parity in Science