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Women in Science for Sustainable Development
Making the inclusive world envisioned in the United Nations 2030 Development Agenda a reality will require the inclusion of women in science in decision-making and
policy formulation and implementation, at all levels of government, private sector, diplomacy, academia and other sectors. This requires clear consideration on the role of
women in science in the development strategies.  It also requires from policy-makers rethinking on the manner in which policies are conceived and delivered.  

There are a great deal of opportunities and challenges at policy, organizational and individual levels for maximizing the contribution of women in science for the achievement
of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals and its 2030 Development Agenda.

The Royal Academy of Science International Trust and through the Science Princess Campaign will provide opportunities for partnership, networking and matchmaking with
women- in-science experts to support innovative solutions for sustainable development.

Further, RASIT, and through the Campaign’s activities, will provide the platform for dialogue between women in science, the public and policymakers in identifying the
challenges and solutions that effectively meet the needs of societies.


  • Women in Innovation and Connectivity High-Level Panel to be held annually during the United Nations Economic and Social Council Science, Technology and
    Innovation Annual Forum.

  • Women in Science for Social Policy Development High-Level Panel to be held annually during the United Nations Commission on Social Policy and Development.

  • High-Level Panel to be held annually during the United Nations Commission on Science and Technology for Development annual session.

  • In close collaboration with the United Nations entities and Member States, RASIT will work to include and involve Women in Science Experts at different meetings
    and events organized by the United Nations.

  • RASIT will work closely with Women in Science to celebrate the relevant International Days observed by the United Nations.

  • In support of major national initiatives, RASIT will also hold seminars that will highlight the role of women in science for infrastructure and through “people to people

  • RASIT will seek to introduce the issue of women and girls in science into major international meetings, such as the G-7, the G-20, the World Economic Forum,
    Concordia, and the spring and fall meetings of the World Bank and IMF in USA.

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